Slight Title Change – Home: Sol -> Sol

I’m making a slight change to the title of Home: Sol. Instead of Home: Sol, the new title will simply be Sol.

I’ve always imagined this story as just one story that’s part of a larger universe, like “The Expanse Series” or “The Culture Series.” That’s why I called it Home: Sol. In my head, and now on the internet, I refer to the stories that take place in it as “The Home Series.”

However, I decided a title with a colon in it made me unhappy and didn’t make much sense to the rest of you. Then I felt sheepish about it for a few days. Then I realized I can edit the title. So I did.

I am now happier. I hope you like it better too.

Thankfully, this doesn’t violate any of my Agile Novel Rules of the Road (a post I’m writing that will be out later this week).