A Tough Month For Writing

I’ve started a few things. I even have some promising stories I really want to tell, but writing hasn’t come as easily this month. And to be honest, adding daily writing to the pantheon of things to do was always going to be hard, unless you count writing emails, which I don’t. 
Okay, sometimes, my emails are exceptionally well written, almost divine interludes in an otherwise dull, but necessary, email chain reporting status on projects or working out agreements to tackle something new and exciting with my colleagues across the country. I assume those that receive these wonderful wonders of modern lexicon print them out and hang them on the wall. I think that’s a fair assumption. I’d share them, but, you know, it’s company business.

So as I write this somewhere over Wisconsin on my way to San Francisco, and after I just finished watching Ant-man (nice job, Paul Rudd), I had a moment of clarity. I’ve been beating myself up for not producing as much as I’d like this month, almost to the point where I questioned whether or not writing the fiction I so love to read is a good idea given all the other things I have to do with my time. I realized something. It’s been tough, sure, but it’s also been a really fun month for writing. My ideas haven’t slowed at all. My pace, on the other hand, has slowed substantially, because I’m pushing so much harder to write better stories.

So for those of you who are subscribers, specifically for Sol. Don’t worry, it’s coming. I’m on about the 10th rewrite of Chapter 5 and it gets better every time. I want to say I’m sorry for the delay, but I’m not really that sorry. I feel a huge sense of urgency and work on it nearly every day, but it has to be good enough to give you.
It has been a tough month for writing, but it’s been a tough month for writing because it’s gotten even more important to me.