It took 20,000 years to build civilization on Earth and only 45 minutes to tear it down.

The Hensie and Ensari have been fighting for centuries, but which one is here to save us and which one to enslave us. Rick would’ve stayed with his family, but he wasn’t given the choice. He was plucked from Earth by the Ensari as his wife and daughter were whisked away by the Hensie. Now he fights across the galaxy to find them as they struggle to survive a hostile world.


Chapter 1 – The Rock Shakes (7/23/2015) - Then I heard a grumble. A grinding, undulating, pulse, barely audible, yet excruciating in its volume.
Chapter 2 – Repurposed (7/30/2015) - When I looked back, I caught sight of my wife's auburn hair and daughter's golden curls, their heads turning frantically. I could only guess they were searching for me.
Chapter 3 – Diaspora (8/19/2015) - Time was incongruent. I had lost my grip on what made me, me.
Chapter 4 – Day 5 (9/9/2015) - You were right next to us, and then you weren't. There was nothing we could do. We looked for you, but you were gone.
Chapter 5 – Middle of Night 9 (10/15/2015) - As we're drifting, we start to spin...slowly at first. I pull her close to me and we wrap our arms and legs around each other. The spin gets faster. I pull at her and she keeps asking me when it will be over.
Chapter 6 – Day 17 (10/15/2015) - I think I will always yearn for a fresh bagel from Zabar’s, a late-night slice at Famous Ray’s Pizza (or was it Ray’s Famous Pizza?), or those little blue and white coffee cups. Hell, I'd take any cup of coffee right now.
Chapter 7: Orientation (11/13/2015) - This is a serial novel, so if you’re new to Sol, it’s best to start at the beginning. —— RICK 34.15 My pod pivoted quickly around its central axis so the Earth was no longer […]
Chapter 8 – Dilation (1/20/2016) - I wondered if the Solar System looked and felt the same, now that it had returned to its original lifeless state.
Chapter 9 – Dissonance (1/21/2016) - The suit made me powerful in ways I only dreamed of as a boy, hell, in ways I dreamed of as a man. But I was still just a man, and a broken one at that.

Writing Notes

Sol: Chapter 3 Delayed (8/10/2015) - I had originally intended to publish Chapter 3: A Dark Core of Sol tomorrow. I’ve actually edited and rewritten Chapter 3, but last night during a discussion with my editor, also called my wife, we […]
Sol: Chapter 3 Writing Notes (8/19/2015) - Starting with Chapter 3, I'll be publishing notes and thoughts on each of the chapters.
Chapter 4 Writing Notes (9/10/2015) - Here's what I worked through to bring you Chapter 4 of Sol.
A Tough Month For Writing (10/7/2015) - I’ve started a few things. I even have some promising stories I really want to tell, but writing hasn’t come as easily this month. And to be honest, adding daily writing to the pantheon of […]
Back in the Saddle (1/19/2016) - I've been a bit silent as of late and it's not because I forgot about you wonderful people. Well, all right, I did neglect you a bit and it was intentional.
Writing Notes – Chapters 8 and 9 (1/21/2016) - I almost gave up over the last two weeks. I almost went back to the beginning and started over. My company shuts down for the holiday and my family took precedence over all the things […]

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