Back in the Saddle

I’ve been a bit silent as of late and it’s not because I forgot about you wonderful people. Well, all right, I did neglect you a bit and it was intentional.

Holidays and family called and writing took a back seat to two kids under 5, two parents over 60, a couple of birthdays…and, I’m forgeting something…work. That’s it. Work.

But the New Year has begun and that means my commute has begun anew. Which means I ride the train twice daily…which means…I know write twice daily.

So thankfully, because the commute is back on, the serial is back on.

Look for Chapters 8 and 9 tomorrow and Thursday. Both are now my favorite chapters of Sol so far. I hope you feel the same. Over the next few chapters, we’ll be stepping into the meat of the story for Rick and Kat…what’s called the middle build. You should catch up if you’re falling behind.